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an Award Winning Performer, Friendly, Adaptable and Reliable.
With a vast amount of Energy, Skill and Experience.

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Professional Showman since 1992
30 years of Full Equity membership
Public Liability Insurance
Voting rights with PRS

"Walkabout Theatre" - (like the oldie Troubour or Minstel)
"Musical Stage Shows" also Talks, Entertainment, Wellbeing,
Life Coach and Peoples Personal Progress and . . . An Audience with "PARROTMAN"

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      If you have a specific date in mind, do check availability
      I simply can only be in one place at a time
      (though I'm working on it.)

      Hi, I'm reluctant to undertake any bookings without knowing about the event.
      Every occation is different, knowing about your event will help greatly to tailor my
      involvement of how to work best. My priority is being apart of the whole day/s and
      allowing things to flow to give the feeling of completeness for the audience/participants.
      Being involved with working thinking orgainisers has been part of my success.
      An "online-form and a link" just doesn't do it,
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