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First check availablity - give me a call or send me a message
Costs start from 40 per session.

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At Bandcamp you can listen for free or buy a single or the CD "Born in the Head".

7.50 for 12 orignal tracks or 2 per song

Coming Soon CD no.2 "Awake in the Head".

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You could "Buy me a coffee" and I'll be able to keep going or you could just buy a song.
Either way it will be so muchly appreciated. It will keep me able to do what I do,
most of my music I give happiness and am paid with smiles,
if you've ever met me you will know.

Buy me a coffee 2 or $3 - buys the track "Cup of Coffee" - Buy Digital Track
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Albert Alchemy is my Actor Equity name.

I have written over 90 songs, list of songs can be found - here.

Though most songs can only be heard when I play LIVE.

I write story lines not bass lines.