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Original songs created (A total of 94 - I think)

2022 (so far) Crash test dummy (Spiderman), I'm here, Click bait, Placebo

2021 Everyones normal is different, Superhero, Circles and waves, Child inside, Police car

2020 Code red, Time

2019 If you imagine

2018 Ya off ya trolley, Utopia, Ugly truth, The pirates code, Land of sweets and candy,
Timeless, The really sad song

2017 Keep me alive, Skating, You have to be you, Daylight of my mind, Backdown, Freedom, Dance,
A wonder, Don't fit in, Be with you, I'm mad, Chasing rainbows, Bus is leaving

2016 Ride the second, Wake up, Trolls, Red, Put the bin out, Levitate, Morning moon and sky, Sun in the sky,
Have some fun, Piolt, Harmony, The switch, Amnesia blues, She's missing, Truth in the dark

2015 Freedom flows,To my valentine, Communication, In the darkness, Sad-das, Our home, Rain, Beauty is only skin deep,
Chasing the tiger, Misty morning, How do I live, Which dorr, Circle of love, Bobbin, Let's get pissed, Happy times, E song

2014 Seagulls, Hotel brazil, Pleasure and pain, Traffic warden, Jester, POEM, A31, Shaman shaman, Stupid bastards,
White swan, In your opinion, Invisible, Sex drugs rock roll, My big phat subwoofer, Drinking in the sun, Adrenalin, Fear

2014-2016 Jokes 1-10

1984 Cup of coffee, Reality

78-82 Peanatory, It's your life, Tomorrow's another day, Follow a dream, In the evening, Lost Island, Wild countryside,
Covered in earth, Summer song, If I go

1978 Money

(in approx. chronalogical order)