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Do call me to chat about your interests,
event or occation.
Telephone number 07397 169189
You could send a SMS text message
or email
I love making events complete, to do this, being relaxed and knowing what is going on is part of that.
When you know what you are doing, you can then improvise, move and naturally flow.
I have being doing this for years and the nicest part is the planning.
When you have an itinary or programme of events to which I can be included, do forward a copy,
I can then advertise it.

All a booking is, is an agreement between both parties.
I will confirm the details, put them in writing and send them to you.
Have a read through and make amendments if needed.
When we are both happy, a booking will be make.

If you require pictures - let me know quality and the suitable format
also a bio or resumé of specific activites

If you are looking to book, do check availablity

- Email, Text or Call for a chat.