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Modern Day Minstel - like the old Troubour.

With Steampunk Hat, Acoustic guitar in hand and Parrot on shoulder
Happily playing, making music and moving around, a Modern Day Myth Maker
(totally self-contained, no backup required, simply acoustic)

Small crowds, groups, queues etc chatting, singing one or two songs and then moving on.

A Wandering Act is a great surprise!

Ideal for milling crowds, queues, Openning Days, Parades and Processions.
Widely performed at Festivals, Gatherings, Shows, Theme Days etc.
Perfect for Public and Private Functions and Promotions.
Theme Events, Castles, Banquets, Restaraunts, Anniversaries,
Weddings, Festivals, Victorian Days, Hall Balls.

Indoor and Outdoor

- also possible on stage, if PA (mic, plug-in etc) is suppiled

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