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Life Coach

Change your thinking - Change your world.

Every decision and every move you make, should make your life a little better and a little bit easier.
Have a balanced perspective.
Your life should be a progressive development.
Learn new ways, techniques and tricks.

Make a life you don't want to escape from.
Your wellbeing and esteem is not anyone elses concern.

Below is a list of subjects that come up from time to time and are covered in the "Talks and Lectures"

Happiness, Wellbeing, Self-worth, Mental Health, Balance, Grounding/Earthing, Good food/bad food,
The power of words, Communication, Resonace, Letting go, Decision making, Positive thinking,
Law of Attraction, Template for success, Failure is a part of learning, Are you happy with yourself,
You will always be older than yesterday, Trauma recovery, Placibo and Anti-placibo, Subconscience,
What is your reality, Community the "Tribe" feeling

Usually as a one-to-one activity
Sessions of 50/60mins

Email, Text or Call for a chat.