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Walkabout Theatre

Performer Entertainer Actor
Musician and collaborations
Talks and Lectures Inspirational and Motivational
Workshops - Music, Impro, Confidence Building
A Wandering character is a great surprise!

Anything could happen . . .

Music, Song, Magic, Juggling, Chatter-Ring, Participation, Comedy, Silliness....
... even Fire-Eating or Escapology.

Can be described as Walkabout/Satellite/Mix-Mingle/Meet-n-Greet
- moving around as a modern real life Myth Maker

Larger than life.

The sort of thing you've never experieced before.
An impromptu act or show is always a delight.
Expect the unexpected.

Widely used for Festivals, Gatherings, Carnivals, Shows, Theme-days etc.

Ideal for milling crowds, small groups, queues, openning days, corporate fuctions, parades, processions
Perfect for public events, private functions and promotions.

I've Performed at Castles, Banquets, Restaraunts, Anniversaries, Weddings, Victorian Days, Hall Balls etc.

Indoor or Out. Totally self-contained, no power or backup required.

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