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For Groups and Indviduals
This is a physical explanation of aspects of the Talks/Lectures, though more is covered by the talks/lectures.

Working with people to progress their individualality and confidence

For managerial training, confidience building, stress relief, public speaking and developing new skills.

Our aim is for the personal gain of each and every person.
All people have different starting points and different skills.

It's good to watch people - just to you see what looks natural

Your whole life is a performance, a risk assessment and an act.
The skills of acting and performing is an awareness of yourself and others and what you want to portray.
Learn new techniques, ways and trick to get yourself understood.

Performances/stories can also be used to address specific situations, issues ie. dealing with pressure,
isolation, addictions, rehabilitation etc. or as a tool to analyse various circumstances.

Please contact to discuss your specific requirement.

Can be used in conjunction with Lectures.

For Musical - see Guitar Tutor

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