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Below is a list of items for training and the furthering of knowledge in the realms of theatre and circus.

    1. Lectures and Talks - aspects of performance and circus and it's use in everyday life.
    2. Theatre in Education - as an educational tool, theatre and circus skills are exceedingly useful.
    3. Circus Theatre Performance Workshops - a hands-on theatre activity
    4. Circus Skills Workshops - 100% participation
    5. Drop-in Circus Workshops - JUST FOR FUN and open to everyone












Usual venues:-

Management Offices, Training Schools, Colleges, Schools, Theatres, Community Centres, Art Centres, Church Halls, Studios, Youth Groups, Leisure Centres, Drop-in Centres etc.


For fun or training, confidence building, stress relief etc. Performances and stories can be used to test specific situations eg. dealing with pressure, isolation, victimisation etc. or as a tool to analyse consequences.

Also useful for Youth Leaders, Group Leaders and as Summer Holiday Activities, Festivals, Fun Days, Galas, Play-schemes and Clubs - Brownies, Guides, Cubs, Scouts, Woodcraft etc.

We can even teach you how to run a Circus Workshop (the ability to juggle is not necessary).

Subjects covered can include:-

Juggling, Unicycling, Acrobatic Balance, Plate-spinning, Club/Scarf Swinging, Diabolo, Juggling of scarves, balls and clubs, Balance, Devil Stick, Rollabola, Clown, Mime, Improvisation, Stage Craft, Expressions, Story Devising, Performance Skills, Improvisation, Theatre and Slapstick. The use of play, performance and circus skills for the relief of stress and adrenaline. Routines and physical expression of face, body, limbs and posture, gaining attention, the ability to "let go", patter and rhythm are of importance to us all.

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