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The 1999 solar eclipse


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Eclipse - obscured by another passing between it and it's source of light.

The Moon is eclipsed by the Earth each calender month (partial or full).


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The final total solar eclipse of the millennium, in 1999 is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for millions of people to see the most spectacular astronomical phenomenon there is. On Wednesday, August 11, 1999, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible from the Isles of Scilly, the Cornish mainland, Alderney in the Channel Islands, much of mainland Europe, the Middle East and south Asia.

How long will totality last?

The total eclipse of the sun, on August 11, 1999, will last from around 30 seconds to two minutes, depending upon where you are in the South West. Guide times are as follows:

2 minutes:
Camborne, Falmouth, Hayle, Helston, Penzance, Redruth, St Ives.

Between 1 minute 30 seconds and 2 minutes:
Brixham, Dartmouth, Fowey, Ivybridge, Kingsbridge, Landís End, Looe, Mevagissey, Plymouth, St Agnes, St Austell, Salcombe, Newquay, Truro.

Between 1 minute and 1 minute 30 seconds:
Bodmin, Buckfastleigh, Liskeard, Padstow, South Brent, Torquay, Totnes, Wadebridge.

Between 0 and 30 seconds:
Ashburton, Dartmeet, Newton Abbot, Port Isaac, Tavistock.

Partal eclipse only:
Boscastle, Bovey Tracey, Bude, Camelford, Chudleigh, Crediton, Dawlish, Exeter, Exmouth, Holsworthy, Launceston, Okehampton, Teignmouth, Tintagel.

Earth -

About 4,600 million years old (as too did our solar system)
Life began about 4,000 million years ago
Third planet from the Sun (first is Murcury, second is Venus)
Mean distance from the Sun - 149.5 million km
Diameter - 12,756 km
Circumference - 40,070 km
Rotation period - 23hrs 56mins 4.1sec

The Moon (Earth's satellite) -
Mean distance from Earth - 384,400 km
Diameter - 3,476 km
Orbits the Earth every - 27.32 days

Sun -

The star at the centre of our solar system.
Diameter - 1392,000 km
Temperature at surface about - 6,000K and in the centre 15,000,000K
Composition - 70% hydrogen, 30% helium, with other elements less than 1%
Age - about 4,700 million years old
Predicted lifetime - 10,000 million years

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Links :-

This is Cornwall Details about the Eclipse from Cornwall's premier newspaper website.

Total Solar Eclipse Plymouth Perhaps you would prefer Plymouth? Direct your enquiries to the Plymouth Discovery Center. Summary of some of the information on the event by a hobby webmaster. can provide space for material that anyone might want to contribute.

Bodmin Moor Cornwall some nice photographs by Cornish Light Stretching for 30 miles through the heart of the County of Cornwall is Bodmin Moor, an area of bleak desolate, but beautiful high moorland.

Bill Kramer's Solar Eclipses Photographic records of this amateur eclipse chaser's expeditions, and plans for the next one.

Chasing the Eclipse Discovery Online presents this complete guide to the Caribbean solar eclipse. With an online talk show and live eclipse coverage.

Earth View Eclipse Network Educational information about the history, science, and observation of all types of eclipses, especially total solar eclipses.

Eclipse 98 Links to mirror sites hosting the Staigerland Entertainment live webcast of the Caribbean solar eclipse.

Eclipse Crazy Houston Chronicle outlines some of the madness, myths, and misconceptions surrounding eclipses.

Eclipse Gallery Archive of images from several recent solar eclipses in North America.

Eclipse Information Predictions of solar and lunar eclipses around the world, and diagrams explaining each phenomenon.

Fred Espenak's Eclipse Home Page Read articles on past eclipses, alerts for future eclipses, and extracts from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's handbooks.

Galilean Satellite Eclipse Timings Anthony Mallama presents the use CCD photometry to provide up-to-date timings of these phenomena of Jupiter's satellites.

Kids Eclipse Educational activities, the opportunity to have your questions answered, and a guide to photographing eclipses.

Live Eclipse 98 Watch the live broadcast from Maracaibo, Venezuela. With multiple camera viewpoints.

Lunar Eclipse Finder Let the Calwell Observatory in Australia help to compute lunar eclipse events for your location.

Lunar Eclipse Observer Images, analysis, and experiments from the Calwell observatory in Australia for the casual observer, student, or professional.

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Lunar Eclipse Photometric Modeling Anthony Mallama outlines the use of PM and imagery in the recording and predicting of lunar eclipses.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Photographic record, with technical notes of the penumbral lunar eclipse in March 1998.

Rare Spectacle in the Sky Find out about solar eclipses, the best viewing times, and the safe ways to view eclipses.

SDAC Eclipse Information NASA's Solar Data Analysis Center provides telescopic images and movies of recent eclipses, animations of ones ahead, and bulletins.

SKY Online's Eclipse Page Preview of upcoming eclipse events, reports from observers of recent past eclipses, and tips on safety and photography.

Solar Eclipse View the live webcast, get advice on how to safely watch an eclipse, or share your eclipse experiences in the chat room.

Solar Terrestrial Dispatch For info on the sun, its position, and effects on earth and its atmosphere. Also details of the space weather forecast course.

Stories from the Path of Totality Results of NASA's joint expedition with the Exploratorium, plus an email list, tips, and a place to swap stories with other observers.

Total Solar Eclipse Hungary How about Hungary for the solar eclipse watchers in August 1999? The committee outlines the likely conditions, and other attractions.

Total Solar Eclipse Romania Picture yourself in Romania to observe the total solar eclipse in August 1999.

Total Solar Eclipse TurkeyPreparations are in hand for the observation and recording of this millennium's last solar eclipse, at the Kandilli observatory.

The Earth, Sun, & Moon THE EARTH, SUN, & MOON. A Fixed Geometry. Motion of the Sun on the Sky. The Earth's Seasons. The Moon's Face & Phases. Solar & Lunar Eclipses. The...

Earth, Moon, and Sun Earth, Moon, and Sun. Delta Science Modules II. (Gr. 6-8) To...

NASCO's Sun-Earth-Moon Word Find Solution

Earth, Moon and Sun Earth, Moon and Sun. (A programmed practice tutorial stack)

Bradford -Robotic -Telescope what is happening at the Telescope Project



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