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Magic Auction General magic, books, videos, posters, and more. Every month hundreds of used magic items, most in "Like New" condition, are placed online for auction through this site. Drop by and enter a bid!

The M&M Magic Product Review If you ever wanted an objective review of a new packet trick before spending money on it, this is the site for you. Dozens of tricks reviewed and rated.

MagicTalk! The Official Discussion Group for Magicians! MagicTalk is the most popular Discussion Board for general magic on the web! We get thousands of visitors from everywhere asking questions and giving advice.

The College of Magic  Direct from Africa, the College of Magic.

The International Conservatory Of Magic Newly established," The International Conservatory of Magic Online (tm)" (I.C.O.M Online) endeavors to provide comprehensive, first class instruction in the art of being a magician. I.C.O.M Online utilizes personal live instruction via lecture tours, 24 hour-a-day web-site based text and virtual lessons, Internet CHAT, and live web video lectures.

The Magic of Studio Magique The Magic of Studio Magique for learning tricks and meeting people who do magic. Professionals and all others interested in the true magic. Come meet the greatest magicians, and to discover modern new techniques (From Montreal, Canada; some french, much of the site is in english).

Card Trick Central The Ultimate Place for Card Tricks.

Your World of Magic! With or without a Java enabled browser, this is a great reference site. If your browser does support Java, then you can use the site's special web-surfing feature.

White Rabbit - The Linking Page News, dealers, new sites, magic zines, grab bag, featured sites, magicians, tricks online, gatherings, and more! Lots of links!

Magic Lover's HomePage Because Everyone Needs A Little Magic In Their Life!

Jaz' Magic Art Collection "Jaz' Magic Art Collection" Over 100 original magic images and growing!

InterMagicLand A site featuring magic resource links: Files (magazines, articles, clippings); Magic Trick web sites; Personal web sites; Magic Shop web sites; history web sites; Clubs & Magazine web sites; and also features an online contest.


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