Albert Circus Alchemy Entertainment

The Fire Show

Albert performs feats of Danger and Stupidity

Bare hand fire ball juggling, eating from fire irons and the breathing of fire
body burning, fire brand juggling and the flaming acrobatic balance
with a pyrotechnical expulsion to precede the end of the show

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Ideal as a speciality spot or in a small arena
On a stage, flat area etc.
Perfect for Cabaret, Promotions etc

Indoors or Outdoors

Usual venues:-
Corporate Functions, Openning Days, Shopping Centres
Bonfire night, Hall Balls, Restaurants, Banquets, Parks, Family Days
Medieval Events, Theme Days, Speciality Spot, Summer Shows
Anniversaries, Weddings, Fun-days, Festivals, Market Days
Town Squares, Pedestrianised Areas, Parties, Castles

usually 15-20 minutes
Changes and Alterations:-
Weather conditions can make an effect

For technical requirments, specific dates and costs:-
Ring, Write, Fax, Email or fill in a reply form


Tel: (+44) 07799 450643