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The Medieval Fool

A fool maybe crazy, silly, mad but not stupid!

This character wears a costume made up of:-
Red and Yellow hose, a smock and a traditional authentic medieval floppy hat

The Medieval Fool can be allowed to roam freely as ground walkabout
and can perform virtually any of the skills or shows available
As a wandering character he can cause mischief and mayhem,
playing games with the children or chasing adult with wicker-basket clubs.

The style of static shows are crazy, mad and foolish

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Perfect for Castles, Museums, Weddings, Medieval Events etc.

Museums, Castles, Banquets, Theme nights, Markets, Fun-days, Summer Shows, Anniversaries
Weddings, Festivals, Parks, Family Days, Town Squares etc.

and has even been known to be found wandering around hotels and shopping centres.

Indoor and Outdoor

Walkabouts occur by the hour
Usual duration of a perfomance is thirty minutes
Changes and Alterations:-
The Medieval Fool is a character and can therefore adapt to each event
can perform a specifically requested show or walkabout style
eg. The Lobster Show, Jester Fool Madness, Unicycling, Juggling, Fire Eating etc.
Some activities are weather dependant
Contact Albert with details of your event.

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