Albert Circus Alchemy Entertainment

The Lobster Show

with Larry the Lobster

This show involves Flippers, Snorkel, Padding Pool, Sou'wester, Bubbles,
Balloons, Wellingtons and maybe just a little bit of water ......

Catherine the Flying Fish could put in an appearance of death defying somersaults.

also includes magic, games, participation and baby shark juggling.

Suitable for children and families

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Childrens Entertainment, Promotion, Family Fun Days, Playschemes etc.
All summer events.
Best performed out-of-doors.
Usual venues:-
Festivals, Shows, Town Squares, Shopping Centres, Regattas etc.
approx 30 minutes.
Changes and Alterations:-
Some elements of the show are affect greatly by the elements.
Contact Albert for specific details

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