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Hello to you all Parrotman here,

Things have changed since 2014 for me and more so for everyone in recent years.
I started as a member of a small actobatic troupe in the 90's and after a season with them, I carried on as a solo act.
Over the years as well as performing, I have been supplying acts and putting together promotions, like twelve fire performers for two international companies,
a whole arena full of Medieval performers, Christmas shows, Summers events, Millenium events and many others.
Yep, I acually "Ran away and joined the Circus" (come and join in), I became self-employed and
worked with jugglers, magicians, cloud-swingers, sword swallowers, acrobats, dancers .....  

Met so many different acts -
Stromboli (fire-eater), Nick Janson (Escapologist), Houmad Aitouran (aka "Hamid" The Morrocan Acrobat), Lambaba Gold (Juggler/Entertainer),
Ben Leicester the Clown (an original Model T Ford arena act), Jim 3-2-1 Bowen, Phil Kelsall MBE (Blackpool Tower Organist),
Norman Barrett MBE the longest serving Ringmaster, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Peter Moore (Londons' town crier) and well . . . too many to remember
.... and learnt a great deal about the profession, performing and showmanship.

I've talked to John Cleese who said "That's a nice suit" refering to the mustard and maroon Court Jester costume.

The biggest crowd, I was on stage with an audience of about 3,000, in Nottingham.

My skills covered many areas of from juggling, magic, fire, escape, unicycle, stiltwalking, it was classed as general "family entertainment".

I include music, collaborations, lectures, standup and life coaching and
I now look forward to working with you.

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