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Hello to you all Parrotman here,

Things have changed since 2014 for me and more so for everyone in recent years.
I started as a member of a small actobatic troupe in the 90's and after a season with them, I carried on as a solo act.
Over the years as well as performing, I have been supplying acts and putting together promotions, like twelve fire performers for two international companies,
a whole arena full of Medieval performers, Christmas shows, Summers events, Millenium events and many others.
Yep, I acually "Ran away and joined the Circus" (come and join in), I became self-employed and
worked with jugglers, magicians, cloud-swingers, sword swallowers, acrobats, dancers .....  

Met so many different acts -
Stromboli (fire-eater), Nick Janson (Escapologist), Houmad Aitouran (aka "Hamid" The Morrocan Acrobat), Lambaba Gold (Juggler/Entertainer),
Ben Leicester the Clown (an original Model T Ford arena act), Jim 3-2-1 Bowen, Phil Kelsall MBE (Blackpool Tower Organist),
Norman Barrett MBE the longest serving Ringmaster, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Peter Moore (Londons' town crier) and well . . . too many to remember
.... and learnt a great deal about the profession, performing and showmanship.

I've talked to John Cleese who said "That's a nice suit" refering to the mustard and maroon Court Jester costume.

The biggest crowd, I was on stage with an audience of about 3,000, in Nottingham.

My skills covered many areas of from juggling, magic, fire, escape, unicycle, stiltwalking etc, classed as general "family entertainment".

I now include music, collaborations, lectures, standup and life coaching.
Looking forward to working with you.

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