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I write about ten to fifteen songs each year, well except
for the past two-three years because there was very few interactions.

And I'm not really into writing about fear and
scariness, though I have to admit I have written a few.

There are four categories of song I do:


The latest thoughts are about tattoos and scars,
two wrongs don't make a right and when do children stop boucing?.

Old old queston: Do you write the lyrics first or the music first?
The answer "Both", I have no method, sometimes the music sometimes the words.
I do sing the song over and over to get the feeling of how it goes.
In the end, it's the song itself that does it, not me.
After about a year, I go back to the original and look at how it has changed.

Most songs are performed live, I have a CD available "Born in the Head" though very few songs are recorded.

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