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Inspirational Talks - Motivational Lectures

For Individual Progress, Public Speaking, Management, Youth Workers, Group Leaders etc
and anyone who wants to be settled within themselves and increase confidence.

The progress of each and every individual is paramount.
A plant has two options: Grow or Die.

Make a life you don't want to excape from.

All people are different, everyones normal is different.
The sessions are tailored to the people who are present.
Everything is connected, more so than you realise.
All aspects of self-awareness, acting and performance are used in daily life.
Be a better performer - techniques, ways and tricks.

Subjects available: Self-Esteem, Mental Health, Happiness, Communication, Positive thinking,
Wellbeing, Balance, Letting go, Time travel, Resonace, Truth, Addiction, The Pyramid of Suvival,
Law of Attraction, Grounding/Earthing, The Placibo Effect, Chakras and more.

Things to practice for the once only situation.
As my Dad used to say "Expect the unexpected"

General duration 50 mins open to questions at the end.
Talks can be given with or without the physical workshop.

The lecture can emphasize particular aspects requested.
please contact to discuss.

Email, Text or Call for a chat.